BCU 3 Star Award

BCU 3 Star Award

BCU 3 Star award

Course Aims: This course aims to develop the paddler with the necessary personal paddling and river reading skills in order that they can make appropriate decisions, select the correct skill and carry them out in a moving water environment.

Duration: The course will be run over 2 days. This award will be assessed on a continuous basis with each day being a training day and if candidates are up to the required standard at the end of the two days, and have the required assessment prerequisites, then they will also pass the assessment. The days normally run from 9am until 5pm (depending on time of year).

Course Price: £120 per person for the two days (excluding BCU certification fees)

Pre-requisites – Training: Candidates should hold the BCU 2 Star or be confident that their ability is of a similar standard.

Pre-requisites – Assessment: Candidates should have log book or provide evidence of at least:

• 3 journeys on sheltered water (10km or 4Hrs).

• 3 journeys on moving water, including stretches of grade 2 (10km or 4Hrs).


Equipment required:

• Suitable craft and a suitable paddle

• Dry suit or wetsuit and cag that will keep you warm throughout the day.

• Throw line and rescue knife

• 5m tape and karabiner

• Whistle

• Food and warm drink (to be taken on the river)

• Dry land clothing suitable for outdoor use


Course Dates

Can be arranged upon request.

 BCU 3 Star Award

To book your place please complete and return my Booking Form along with your course deposit of £50. Please ensure that you read the Terms and Conditions of your booking. Contact Us